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5 Basic Content Types Customers Need

By Heidi Cohen

5 basic content types

Content Marketing: Are You Providing The Right Information

You need to give prospects, customers and the public a regular diet of information.

This content is like the 5 basic food groups you learned about in grade school.

I may not be the best authority on food groups. For me, the main food groups include chocolate, ice cream, pasta and coffee; all of which need to be eaten on a daily basis.

Yet back in elementary school, I learned that the 5 key food groups are dairy, meat, grains, fruit and vegetables. Here’s how the USDA represents these foods graphically.

Content marketing is a lot like food. You need to provide your target audience with the 5 basic content types that are needed to facilitate content consumption. They are product information, customer FAQs, how-to’s, styling and customer ratings/reviews.

5 Basic content types your prospects and customers need

Here are the 5 basic content types.

5 basic content types

1. Product information

Give shoppers and their influencers enough information to make an informed decision to purchase from your firm. If you don’t, they’re going to look elsewhere including Amazon to get the skinny on products they want. (This may be the reason that Forrester research revealed an increase in the number of people who start their product search with Amazon rather than Google.) This includes the detailed product specifics, model numbers, sizes, weights and other necessary information.

Actionable Marketing Tip: Supply photographs and videos to give buyers a 360