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450: Why Your Vision Will Never Come to Fruition Unless You Start to Help Others Achieve their Needs by Tayler Schweigert

By Simon Chan

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The world is not lead by you thinking small. Tayler Schweigert shows us that network marketing is a people business and if you do not interact with people and identify their needs, you will never be able to close them. Also, urgency causes you to create action, so make a decision to make things happen.

Who is Tayler Schweigert?

When Tayler Schweigert turned 21, he applied for a job only to be turned down 79 times. Finally, on his 80th application, someone agreed to hire him as a hotel guest relations agent, but it required him to move to Dubai. With no other options, Tayler moved and accepted the $500/month job.

In Dubai, Tayler lived in a complex with over 170 people from 40+ countries where they shared only 8 showers and 6 toilets.

After a year, Tayler switched jobs and then in Jan 2016, he received a suspicious Facebook message that said “You live in Dubai? I need to meet you for coffee. I have something to talk to you about.”

Before you know it, Tayler was in network marketing, but struggled for his first 6 months. He persisted and after mentorship from Danien Feier (who’s been on MLM Nation episode 137), Tayler achieved success. Today he has built a team of 2400 partners in 34 countries.

His MLM business has allowed Tayler to open up a Startup company in Germany and also 2 other companies in Dubai. Network Marketing has also allowed him to travel to over 30 countries in 2017.

Favorite Quote

“Success is not in your comfort zone”

Must Read Book

History in the Making by Danien Feier
Go Pro by Eric Worre
How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Identify the needs of people

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