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449: Behind the Scenes @ MLM Nation “Best MLM Events to Attend in 2018 and How to Prepare”

By Simon Chan

Welcome to a special episode where you get to hear what’s going on Behind the Scenes at MLM Nation and get a close up view of the life of an entrepreneur.

This is where you’ll get not only the latest news about MLM Nation, but a sneak peek inside the life of Simon Chan…

Learn about the latest adventures that Simon is going through…

We all know Events are super important to attend…

But Why?

Why does almost every single leader trace their aha moment to an event?

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

– Why Events Transform your Business (and it’s not the “content”)

– What to Do to Properly Prepare for An Event

– List of Recommended Generic MLM Events

Recommended Resources Mentioned On Show

Feb. 23 – 25, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia

Eric Worre’s Most Powerful Women
April 13 – 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Bob Heilig’s Impact and Growth Summit
April 27 – 29 in Orlando, Florida

Ray Higdon’s Ultimate Networker Workshop
April 28 – 29 in Orlando, Florida

May 31 – June 3 in Dallas, Texas

No Excuses Summit 9
June 21 – 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ray Higdon – Recruiting and Prospecting Summit
August 17 – 19 in Orlando, Florida

MLM Mastermind Event
Oct. 13 – 14 in Orlando, Florida

Ambitious Women Conference
Oct. 12 – 14 in Dallas, Texas

Eric Worre’s Go Pro
Dec. 4 – 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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