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437: The Million Dollar Answer that will Help Explode your Business Online by Brandy Sinoto

By Simon Chan

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The one thing we need to do is the thing we avoid every single day. Brandy Sinoto shows us that you are not at the mercy of your circumstances. Also, you don’t know what the business is about until you start to make money in the business.

Who is Brandy Sinoto?

Brandy Sinoto was born and raised in Hawaii and was introduced to network marketing 20 years ago. After working hard for many years and having no success, she persisted and finally “made it.”

Since then, Brandy has been the #1 income earner in 2 companies, making multiple six figures a year.

Recently Brandy started building from scratch in a new company and has already achieved a top ranking position.

Brandy believes in systems, technology and allowing people to find their own genius in their own teams.

Favorite Quote

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal” (Earl Nightingale)

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