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415: Why Personal Development Is The Catalyst That Will Help Evolve You Into a Winner by Richard Matharoo

By Simon Chan

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Focus on the actions that bring about the results that you want. Richard Matharoo shows us that you need to evaluate what isn’t working, find out what will work, and treat your business very professionally. Also, start focusing on the actions you take and not the results that you want to achieve.

Who is Richard Matharoo?

Richard Matharoo lives in the UK and thought he was doing well in life and in his personal training business until he made one naive mistake one day and lost everything.

He soon lost his business, lost his car, was 3 weeks from losing his home, had no job, was $50k in debt, and as he says in his own words, “had lost his way.”

He got himself involved in network marketing and didn’t achieve much success. In fact, he went through over 300 presentations that led to nothing.

Richard persisted and eventually he figured it out. He’s sponsored over 500 people and today he is a 6 figure earner. Richard has also spoken twice at Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Academy and has a great MLM blog you should all check out.

Personal, Richard is married with one daughter, Ava who recently turned 7.

Favorite Quote

“You have exactly one life to do everything you want to do, act accordingly”

Must Read Book

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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