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407: Leveraging Social Media to Show the World Who You Are and Why Your Business Will Explode From It by Jessie Lee Ward

By Simon W Chan

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Everyone has a gift, and if you don’t capitalize on it, it’s a shame. Jessie Lee Ward shows us the importance of being yourself and why imitating others is hurting your business. Also, why you should focus on duplicating systems and not people.

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Who is Jessie Lee Ward?

Jessie Lee Ward is a 28 year old leader who has used her God given talents to become a social media authority and has impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Jessie Lee is widely known for her legendary Facebook groups.

Currently, Jessie Lee is a 7 figure earner and has personally built a multi-million monthly business by recruiting thousands of people online. Jessie is always leading by example and recognized as top in sales and recruiting every month.

Lastly, Jessie Lee is a genuine human being who cares for her team members and a proud dog lover.

Favorite Quote

“Build the kind of life that says ‘I told you so’ without having to say a word!” (Mark Bell)

Must Read Book

Originals by Adam Grant

Recommended Online App

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