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4 Content Ideas to Take From Your Events

By Amanda Batista

Events offer great opportunities to connect with others, learn about topics and technologies pertinent to our jobs, and can provide the fodder necessary to fuel additional content marketing programs.

While it can be challenging to come up with your next big content theme or idea, consider mining the gold from the agenda highlights of an upcoming (or recent) event. Your event planning teams put a great deal of effort and energy into producing relevant, quality content to educate and entertain your community – seize the opportunity to fuel ongoing marketing.

Your content marketing and/or community managers are helpful assets in the discussion about how to glean ideas to expand the shelf life of existing marketing content. When you get together during your next content planning meeting, consider these 4 ways to maximize the content from your next event:

  • Profile speakers – The speakers who participate in your events are often experts in your community’s field; they understand challenge of your customers; they hit on the hot buttons that drive your communities to ask and answer questions about how to do their jobs better. Consider a Q&A for an upcoming blog post, in which you highlight 3-5 questions about the speaker’s session, or a thought leader’s recent book release, for example. This can be done via email and offers the speaker the enticing opportunity to promote his or her business.
  • Record case study stories– Oftentimes the greatest application stories are told during events to help educate other members of the community. Ask a blogger or your community manager to sit in on some of the case study sessions to outline how your customers are crushing it using your tools and services. You can turn those stories into the greatest testimonial stories ever told. We asked our customers to tell their stories for our Demand Gen Pro’s Cookbook 2, and they shared their recipes for success!
  • Create a film schedule- Take advantage of the opportunity to come together in person, with colleagues, customers, and partners. Create a prioritized schedule that captures relevant video testimonials that can be used across various activities, including ongoing event marketing promotion. Consider the use cases that your marketing demands, and plan with your video crew to capture footage accordingly.
  • Audit the event hashtag– The event hashtag is a great hidden gem for marketers to mine the pearls of wisdom that the attendees found most valuable and compelling. Monitor the event hashtag to develop a list of takeaways for your blog, or for a promotional newsletter to drive interest in additional events.
  • By leveraging events as a springboard for your next content idea, you foster a cohesive message you already know resonates with your community.