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335: How To Win BIG Using Your Heart More Than Your Brain by Lloyd Williams

By Simon Chan

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“If you treat your business casually, it will become a casualty.” In this episode Lloyd Williams shares with us time management tips from a six figure earner who still holds a job. And also, why you should work for your why and not for yourself.

Learn to create 2 more hours in your day using my Extreme MLM Productivity regimen so that you can work on your business and still have time for your friends and family.

Who is Lloyd Williams?

Lloyd Williams once thought MLM was only for people who could not hack a real job in the real world. However, after he got started in network marketing, not only did he become a believer but he became a top earner while doing the business part time.

Today, Lloyd is a 6 figure earner and enjoys helping others enjoy the same experience he has had.

Asides from his MLM accomplishments, Lloyd is finishing up his PhD and also a proud military veteran.

Favorite Quote

“Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for you to be better.” – Jim Rohn

Must Read Book

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
Winning by Jack Welch

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