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334: Why Referrals are Often Your BEST Prospects by Carlos Antonio Garcellano

By Simon Chan

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Who is Carlos Antonio Garcellano?

Carlos Antonio Garcellano was born into a family that were into the arts. That led Anto (as he’s known as) to become an artist, photographer and musician. He graduated at the top of his class and also was the lead guitarist for a band.

Carlos had zero interest in business and never thought he’d become a business leader. He eventually got a job working in the marketing department a MLM company designing the marketing materials promote the products and business. But after attending one event where he was assigned to take photographs of the company’s top leaders, Anto had a change in heart and decided to become a distributor instead.

Today, Anto is a top leader in his company and his company’s 7th millionaire.

Favorite Quote

“Sew seeds to benefit others.”

Must Read Book

Right or Almost Right by John Haremza
Anything by Jim Rohn
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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