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33 Irrefutable Laws of Content Marketing that Will Outlive the Internet

By Marcus Sheridan

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You’ve heard me say this before, but content marketing isn’t new. These days, we just call it something different than we called it before, which is fine.

Heck, about 2000 years ago a group of like-minded people all worked together to write a book that was full of stories, answered lots of questions, and was loaded with calls-to-action.

Today we call that book “The Bible.

Yep, the principles that made the Bible successful are no different than the principles that separate good from bad content marketing today.

It is for this reason I decided to write the following 33 Laws, as I truly feel that if all companies understood what content marketing was as a “principle”—their ability to have success and then implement it would increase exponentially. That being said, here goes:

The 33 Irrefutable Laws of Content Marketing that Will Outlive the Internet

1. They Ask, You Answer (If your company has ever been asked a question from a prospect or customer, it’s your moral obligation to answer it.)

2. The goal is to be helpful…not appear intelligent.

3. Great listeners never run out of content.

4. When you ask people to do something, they’re more inclined to do it. (i.e. Calls to Action)

5. If you’re biased in the way you communicate, you won’t earn trust.

6. People will remember “stories” over “facts” any day of the week.

7. All this marketing stuff we talk about is essentially the act of listening, communicating, and teaching. The rest is just fancy words.

8. The best teachers will always gain the most trust and respect from the audience.

9. Enthusiasm and passion always beats dry and boring.

10. Insourcing content almost always beats outsourcing in terms of results.

11. The world is looking for leaders, in every industry.

12. Leaders sell more stuff.

13. Some “just OK” content that is published will always crush “awesome” content that never gets published.

14. “Get Better” is more important than perfection.

15. Great content marketing companies don’t allow their competition to dictate what they do and do not write about. Their sole guiding light is the ideal customer—and no one else.

16. You have to produce average content to learn how to produce great content.

17. Everyone has a story to tell—most just don’t realize nor appreciate their story.

18. Amazing stories pertaining to our industry are all around us—if we can just see them unfold.

19. Content Marketing as a “culture” will always beat content marketing as a “program.”

20. Industry thought leaders put their opinions out there and are strong enough to take it from both sides.

21. The best content marketers embrace who they are NOT just as much as they embrace who they ARE.

22. The more red tape, lawyers, and bottlenecks a company has, the more they stink at content marketing.

23. Consumers see the world in terms of their “problems”—not your company’s “stuff” or “products” or “features.”

24. Great companies don’t care that others have addressed subjects. They want the world to know *their* doctrine on the subject matter.

25. “Useful” will always beat “Amazing”

26. Not all questions have a direct answer, which is why great content marketers understand how to explain the magic words—“It depends.

27. If top to bottom buy-in for content marketing doesn’t exist within an organization, the chance that a company will fail with content marketing is very, very high.

28. The greatest content marketers have a keen ability to think *exactly* as a consumer.

29. Content marketing success is a journey, not a destination.

30. Honest, transparent content will always be the minority—making it one of the most powerful trust-building methods in the world.

31. If you try to sound smart, you’ll look stupid.

32. People learn different. Some want to read text. Others want to watch video. And others want to hear words. Great content marketing companies don’t fight this, they embrace it.

33. Platforms come and go. Principles never die.

Your Turn:

So there you have my take on this subject folks, but I’d be very curious to hear yours as well. Are there any points above you do not agree with? Why? What would you add to the list? I’m sure there are plenty I missed, so take a moment to add whatever is on your mind below.