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321: How To Think Like A Leader In This Profession by Adam Lane

By Simon Chan

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“Don’t just start your business, launch it!” Adam Lane shows us the difference in recruiting and sponsoring. And also, the perfect prospecting pitch.

Top performers in all professions have coaches. Whether you’re an actor like Tom Cruise… an athlete like Tiger Woods… an entertainer like Beyonce… Or a top earner in MLM. They all have coaches to continually improve their performance

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Who is Adam Lane?

Adam Lane got an early start in network marketing at the age of 18 and was lucky to work closely with one of the top leaders in Australia. Together they were able to build a huge Gen Y team in their company. He’s built a global business in over 17 different countries.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Adam recently was selected from hundreds of entrants to represent Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit.

Favorite Quote

“You networth equals your network.”

Must Read Book

How to Have a Millionaire Mindset by Pat Mesiti

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Recommended Prospecting Tool

Adam prefers to first, pick up the phone to give a head up before he sends a tool.

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