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300: How Not Quitting Can Change The World by Jordan Adler

By Simon Chan

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You can’t quit your way to success! Jordan shows us the mindset shift that took him from 12 years of failure to top earning success. And also, his latest idea that’s making a HUGE difference in the world.

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Who is Jordan Adler?

Jordan Adler is a 7 figure earner and one of the most respected MLM leaders in the world. He overrides and earns from over 400,000 customers in his organization.

Jordan is also the author of Beach Money, which is of one of the most recommended network marketing books on MLM Nation.

Jordan never had air conditioning in his car until he was Jordan VG-8630 years old and at 34, he was living in an enclosed garage. His rent was $200 a month. He had 2 roommates, had $36,000 in Credit Card Debt and his job paid him $14,000 A YEAR.
To hear his complete story, you can hear Jordan’s first appearance on MLM Nation on episode 49.
Since we last heard from him, Jordan has decided to get his helicopter pilot’s license for fun and is also is scheduled to become the first network marketer to ever go to space as part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic civilian space program.

image15-62But more importantly, Jordan recently started a movement that has made the news threeimage17-58 times. It allows people to shower a family or individual that has experienced a devastating loss or hardship with kindness and support through a new program called

Favorite Quote

“Don’t quit on a bad day.” (Jordan Adler)

Must Read Book

Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox

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Jordan prefers demonstrating his products

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