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3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Cyber Monday

By Olivia Cole

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Cyber Monday image cybermonday 300x300

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and many businesses are gearing up for Black Friday. But in the flurry of holiday shopping preparation, don’t let Cyber Monday fall through the cracks. It falls on December 2nd this year, and here are some ways you can prepare your biz to make the most of Cyber Monday shoppers.

Take Advantage of Mobile

More people are browsing the web on their smartphones than ever before, so if you have a responsive site, be sure to leverage it. That being said, when it comes to mobile browsing, make sure that you have a way for mobile customers to connect with you directly via phone. A new study by Google shows that 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results, so making sure you have a phone number or a click-to-call available for those searchers can mean some really easy conversions for your business. We actually have a very useful white paper on the subject of marketing to smartphone users right here if you want to learn more.

Keep Shoppers From Abandoning Their Shopping Cart

The bane of businesses engaging in Cyber Monday deals is the abandoned shopping cart. Everyone knows it’s a problem faced in e-commerce, but understanding the reasons why can earn you big business on December 2nd. A study by Statista revealed that 25% of users reported abandoning a shopping cart because the website navigation was too complicated. They could be confused by the process or couldn’t how to figure out to change quantities, etc., and when they couldn’t find a fix on their own, they merely exited checkout. An easy way to intervene here is by having a phone number or click-to-call right there on the page. Rather than navigating away from your site, shoppers have the ability to call right then and there, and if it’s a unique trackable phone number (which it should be), then your agent will know right away that they’re dealing with a customer who is already checking out, making the road to completion that much smoother.

Know Which Ads Are Driving Calls

No matter where you’re advertising your Cyber Monday promotions—online or offline—you need to be able to track which of those efforts are driving calls, not only so that you can tell which efforts to duplicate next holiday season, but so your sales team can have the heads up when accepting sales calls. “Whisper” messages that tell your agents the marketing source the caller is calling from can clue your agents in to which ad or webpage the customer saw when they picked up the phone, and this can make closing the deal a lot more efficient. Want to know more about how call tracking can aid in lead generation? We have a white paper for that too.

Cyber Monday has quickly become as big of a deal as Black Friday—and why shouldn’t it? Now shoppers can get deals without standing in line at 4am and can give you business right from their home—or phone—so make sure you’re prepared.