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223: All You Really Need To Know

By Scott Stratten

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In this episode, we pass along some salient wisdom to this spring’s recent graduates. There’s also a story about cocaine and so much more. Trust us: If you’re a recent graduate – and even if you aren’t – all you need to know you’ll learn in this episode.

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:27.25]The Scariest Chapter of All
  • [00:01:26.23]Always Lead With A Cocaine Story
  • [00:03:28.18]A Graduation Anniversary
  • [00:04:30.23]The “If I Could Go Back” List

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Adulthood is the scariest chapter of your entire life. It never ends… until it does. #HappyGraduationPowered By the Tweet This PluginTweet This
Life lessons are impossible to learn if you aren’t living your life. #IfICouldGoBackPowered By the Tweet This PluginTweet This
Integrity is NOT a renewable resource. #IfICouldGoBackPowered By the Tweet This PluginTweet This

Mentioned In This Episode

  • Cocaine in Purse? Woman Blames It on a Windy Day, Police Say
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