Keys to Being Social: Authenticity

By Bridget Willard 8 Authentics by Corinne and Authentic, Honest to God, True & Genuine, by Candice by daemonsquire Authenticity. What is it? We hear it tossed around as an attainable attribute but how does it affect our social media strategy? How does it alter our online behavior? Being authentic, or the role of authenticity, […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device From Prying Eyes

By Robert Siciliano Do you know how to keep your phone from the prying eyes of exes, strangers, cops, other officials and even your own spouse? Here are five tips to keep your mobile device safe and secure. Common Sense When it comes to the police, cooperate; this will lessen the chance of mobile confiscation. […]

Tips for Hiring an Inbound Marketer

By Virginia Bussey I think one of the most frequent and difficult questions I’ve received this year from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances was, “How do I find an inbound marketer? And what should I be looking for?” To be honest, my answer for a while was, “Good question.” After searching for our marketing coordinator this […]

How to Measure Your Facebook Page with Facebook Insights

By Omkar Mishra Facebook Insights is one of the most important features of the whole Facebook experience for Brands. Facebook Insights have undergone a lot of changes since being introduced from 2011 and have introduced new features every-time to make it easier for Marketing Teams to understand their audience. The Facebook insights Dashboard is a […]

Why the Social Media Party Needs to Come to a Close in 2014

By Marcus Sheridan Recently, my friend Nick Westergaard asked me (along w 20 other marketing folks) to contribute to an article he wrote about the trends we foresaw in social media for 2014. After a little bit of thought, here was my response: 2014 will be the year of “Social Media Reality.” The era of […]

Happy New Year 2014

By Heidi Cohen We want to take this opportunity to raise our glasses to celebrate you, our readers. Without you we’d be an empty blog missing our true potential. It’s you our readers, influencers and social media followers who push and challenge us to create our best work. During 2014, we plan to continue on […]

I’m a Marketer, Not a Growth Hacker: A New Year’s Resolution

By Dan Levy So we’ve arrived at that awkward time between Christmas and New Year’s when I never know what to write. As marketers, we want to remain top of mind and keep the “conversation” going with the “community” we’ve so lovingly developed over the year. But we also realize people have better things to […]

Make Change Not Resolutions: 20 Tips for Success

By Susan Poirier POP!! Happy New Year. Celebrating the New Year brings a time of reflection and renewal. How invigorating to be able to start fresh. Resolutions fly off the tongue. Excitement ensues for the year to come. Changes. New directions! You are inspired!! Feels great, doesn’t it?? HOLD ON!! Why is this saved for […]

With the World Sized up as Flat, Does the CEO’s Location Matter?

By Lou Hoffman Evolving wisdom holds that the physical location of the CEO doesn’t matter anymore. With the advent of videoconferencing, emails, texting, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of digital communications, the CEO is always just a click away. Some CEOs don’t even keep a proper office, preferring to parachute into locations around the world […]

ElementCase ION 5 Case for iPhone 5/5S Unboxing and Review

By Chris Voss Source: