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Beyond Google: Other Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

Blogging for CPA

By Dana Prince We love Google, we really do! But Google is a bit persnickety. One day they’ve got us on page 1 of the search engine results pages for great highly searched phrases and then, seemingly out of the blue, we’re nowhere to be found. Google will continually tweak its algorithms and refine its rules to try to stop ...

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5 Ways to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

By Alek Flekel Affiliate Marketing is clearly a major factor in any e-commerce marketing strategy, which is why doing it successfully can be a very smart monetary decision. It is common knowledge in the online marketing industry that affiliates are the best at reaching prospective customers, generating traffic to your website, and generating conversions. Having a well thought out plan ...

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Importance of Building and Expanding Your Opt-in List

Optin List Building

By Annetta Powell Online businesses, mostly with a home based business model, are known to bring a revolutionary change in each of the following areas: Business Operations Product Catalogues Customer Relations Reach & Accessibility On the whole, every online home based business has a website which serves the following business purposes: It marks the beginning stage of the home based ...

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8 Simple Lessons for Writing Irresistible Business to Business Emails

Business to Business Email

By Ayo Oyedotun Email still remains the oldest and most important means of communication on the web for businessmen. Particularly, businesses prefer to communicate via email as it automatically documents business interactions and also creates room for attaching relevant materials as well as redirecting to other important websites. In spite of this positive change in business culture, many people still ...

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1 Million Keywords

One Million Keywords

To view our one million keywords visit the following link: One Million Keywords We have one million keywords listed in our database, broken down by niche as well as sub-niche. Access to the one million keywords has been enhanced through use of our interactive table where you may search for and/or drill down to find some unique keywords. Wikipedia Regarding ...

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New Heat Map Software Warming Up Customers


I’m sure many of you have heard of popular Heat Map services like CrazyEgg and ClickTale. These services spy on your visitors by recording every move they make on your site, so you can gain valuable insights into what your site is doing right, and more importantly, what your site is doing wrong. This makes total sense because its hard ...

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Five tips for charities to rock their digital marketing

Non-profit Marketing

By Andrew Isidoro Much of what is discussed within the digital marketing space tends to focus on getting the most out of digital to drive sales, inquiries and conversions. And yet charities and non-profits are often overlooked by our industry writers when it comes to offering help in driving donations and building relationships with their stakeholders. Over the past few weeks, ...

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The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

Neil Patel - Content Marketing

By Neil Patel You already know that content marketing is the new SEO, but how do you do it? There are a lot of guides on the Internet that talk about it, but no one breaks it down from A to Z. Due to this, I decide to write The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing along with the help of ...

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