How to rebrand Airbnb

By Ben Davis Airbnb rebranded earlier this summer and it was pretty hard to miss, at one point generating enough hundreds of thousands of tweets to top the global trends (partly due to its similarity to an existing company logo). Recently I listened to some of the guys from DesignStudio, the agency behind the rebrand, talking about the joys and ...

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The 4 Basic Elements of Inbound Marketing

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By Jacey Gulden We’re going back to basics! As an agency that follows the principles of inbound marketing, sometimes we forget that not everyone out there is drinking the inbound Kool-Aid. So this week, we’re taking a step back and looking at the basic elements of inbound marketing that guide us through everything we do for ourselves and our clients. ...

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7 Content Marketing Lessons From Red Bull Media House

By Michael Brenner One of the biggest content marketing questions I get on a regular basis is “who are the leading content marketing brands?” After American Express OPEN Forum, which claims to be the single largest source of leads, in the form of new card members for their small business group, I typically point to Red Bull who has taken ...

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Why do we love memes? I haz teh ansur

By Ben Davis It’s August, David Cameron has been pointing at fish, Legoland is doing a roaring trade and I’m allowed to write a post about memes. With a science education and a marketing vocation, I like to read and its peer-reviewed research papers about the internet. Okay, it’s often social science and can be pretty qualitative, but it’s ...

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Consumer Trust, Key to Repeat Business

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By Lucy Holloway History shows that businesses often rebrand because of financial instability. Take one of the most well-known brands in the world today. In 1997, Apple was veering dangerously close to bankruptcy. In 2012 it was cheaper to buy a new iPad ($499) than one share in Apple ($585) and now 17 years after Apple’s near demise, the company ...

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Fight Club! Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi social media special

By Christopher Ratcliff “Cola War, huh! What is it good for?” Healthy competition and an excuse to write this article on the ongoing battle for our caffeinated hearts and sugar-addled minds between the two giants of fizzy beverage. I’m sure Edwin Starr would’ve come up with something snappier, but he’s not employed here. The battleground has changed since the 1980s. ...

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The Secret Sauce For Creating Epic Curated Content

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By Heidi Cohen Content Curation Lessons From Lee Odden Author of Optimize, Lee Odden is the master of developing curated conference ebooks. These ebooks are a classic example of epic curated content. Epic curated content is a major content marketing effort that’s both original content and curated content because it’s co-created with participants. To learn the secret sauce for creating ...

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