5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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By Lisa Jeffries While there may not be one single, definitive stat available out there about just how much web traffic is “mobile”, a recent Google search (results pictured at right) shows various media outlets citing between 28% and 55% of all internet usage coming from mobile devices – and that number is significant at even the smallest estimate. So ...

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Virgin Media: the paragon of brand storytelling?

By Ben Davis The top 10 list of storytelling brands in the UK usually includes Apple, Cadbury, IKEA and Walkers. But looking at the annual list from AESOP, it’s Virgin Media that jumps out at me as a storytelling brand that breaks the mould. Here I round up some of its activity that falls into my nebulous understanding of storytelling. ...

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This Friendship Day, Pepsi India Takes You BackToSchool

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By Vinaya Naidu If you want to see a bunch of adorable kids melt your heart, you shouldn’t miss watching this one. In a new film celebrating friendship, Pepsi has taken us back to school, quite literally. The 4.14 minute video film takes us on a school journey through the lives of a gang of teenagers at their farewell party. ...

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How to grow your international sales using personalisation

By Ian McCaig Unlocking international or cross-border sales has never been as lucrative as it is today. Historically, shipping costs, lack of trust and limited information were factors in preventing growth in trade but now cross-border shopping is estimated to be worth $105bn. While this is a huge growth area for ecommerce businesses, several obstacles still prevent online customers from ...

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How to CRO and Look Good in The Process

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By Brian Pitre I was performing conversion rate optimization tests before I even knew what they were. Fresh out of college, I found myself mercilessly pounding the pavement in a quest for my first job. I went on dozens of interviews those first couple of months out of undergrad, all with conversion rates of less than zero. Wanting success and ...

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CMOs Face a Major Dilemma [Infographic]

By Amanda Batista by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketers are tasked to navigate the challenges of providing a consistent customer experience, which calls for personalized messaging across channels, and even in store. For many marketing organizations, accepting this “lack of control” is the first step toward ensuring they can get in touch with their customers’ needs. We need to ...

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Great copy from The Natural History Museum: email edition

By Ben Davis The Natural History Museum relaunched its online shop this summer in a blaze of incredible copywriting. We featured it on the blog because it was so much fun it had to be shared. And now, here’s the follow up post with some more highlights from its summer email campaign. Fans of the word, great lizards and ecommerce, ...

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How to Stop Your Welcome Email From Being a Dead End

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By Wesley Yu A dead-end welcome email is a wasted opportunity. Image source. Your landing page rocks and leads are pouring in. Great! But what’s next? Before that first email newsletter or promo, your subscribers receive a welcome email – the beginning of a new relationship. Welcome emails get leads acquainted with your brand and set expectations for what you’ll ...

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10 Reasons Farmer Chris Soules Will Be the Best Bachelor

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By Erica Abbott zap2it.com Even though this season’s “Bachelorette” didn’t end with an announcement for the next bachelor, there were definite hints to the fact that Chris Soules will be the next bachelor. (Hint, hint the cheers and applause any time Harrison mentioned him in the finale) Hollywood Life exclusively announced last month that Chris was named the next bachelor. ...

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