Why Your Lowest-Paid Hires Can Matter The Most

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By Paul Petrone Credit: Ethan There are two coffee shops in my neighborhood: a Tim Hortons and a Dunkin’ Donuts. The prices at both are pretty much the same. The food is different – if anything I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts. And yet, I got to the Tim Hortons every morning. Why? It isn’t the advertising or the price or the ...

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3 Creative Ways to Visually Market Your Business

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By Penney Fox Every picture tells a story If there’s one thing that’s constant in social media, is that it’s constantly changing. And one of my favorite changes are the new profile design layouts. Have you noticed that these new social site layouts are giving you more opportunities for promoting your businesses? Even the new Twitter design expanded their header ...

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The Landscape of Social Login: Facebook Widens the Gap

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By Victor White As we saw in our Q1 social login data, Facebook has steadily made gains to solidify its lead as the number one identity provider on the web, particularly outside of the U.S. Facebook’s climb in popularity continued as the network made critical changes to Facebook Login to give users more control over their data. While the changes ...

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NetWORKing for a Job

By Richard Sellers WORK IS THE CORE OF NETWORKING I’m helping an acquaintance find a job. While he’s sharp and has been successful, he’s not sufficiently engaged in his job search, even after six months. Basically, he had been just going through the motions. He: Has a long elevator speech, Wrote a generic resume and incomplete LinkedIn profile, Contacted his ...

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10 Reasons Your Business Needs Infographic Marketing

By Jonathan Long If your content marketing needs a boost, then you should consider infographic marketing for several reasons. You probably know that content marketing is a great way to attract potential customers, but did you know that visual marketing outperforms every other type of content marketing by a large margin? If you are not experiencing the results you wanted ...

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Content Journey

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By Jennifer Voisard Forgive the marketing speak for a minute, but I want to talk about the purchase decision process and why content journeys are so important for brands embarking on or executing their content strategy. Now, obviously real people do not consider themselves to be on a decision journey, moving through a funnel or serving as a post-purchase channel. ...

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What Fundraisers Need To Know About Donor Communications

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By Tom Ahern Want to make more money, thanks to your insanely great donor communications? Here is my short list of surefire “secrets for success:” Donor-centricity You have just one thing to give your donors in exchange for their hard-earned cash: your organization’s blazing love. “Donor-centric” comms are different. They loudly trumpet how wonderful donors are … how important donors ...

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Social Media – Making Us All More Honest, Better People

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By John W Hayes As any half-decent PR professional will tell you, great public relations is often more about keeping certain items out of the news than winning new column inches or page views. Back in the days when journalists where the only gatekeepers to the world’s media, burying bad news was a lot simpler. If your PR agency had ...

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Content Strategy Simplified: The G.O.S.T. Model

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By Danielle Look A few weeks ago, I likened the process of creating a content strategy to planning for a rim-to-rim rafting expedition at The Grand Canyon. A solid analogy, to be sure, but deeper reflection led to the realization that it’s actually more like climbing to a specific peak on a mountain: one ambitious, overarching goal sitting atop a ...

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