12 Best Slideshares of 2014 (So Far)

By Michael Brenner Late last year I shared the 25 best presentations of the year on slideshare. And the article continues to be one of my most popular articles of all time! And while I still believe Slideshare is one of the greatest opportunities, it looks like it might not be a huge secret any longer. I am see a ...

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5 Ways to Add Interactive Content to Marketing

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By William Comcowich Content marketing is becoming less about the words you put on a page, and more about the experiences you create for the consumer. As more brands realize this, they’re working with tools that foster real interaction from page visitors. Interactive content doesn’t just encourage action from visitors — it responds to them. What is Interactive Content? Interactive ...

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Privacy and personalization: a marketers’ Catch-22

By Rachel Serpa Coined in Joseph Heller’s classic satirical novel of the same name, ‘Catch-22′ is a term that refers to a situation in which a person is trapped by completely contradictory goals or circumstances. In Heller’s book, the only way for a pilot to escape his WWII flying mission is to request psychiatric evaluation due to mental instability, and ...

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How to use Google Analytics URL builder to track campaigns

By Graham Charlton We’re pretty big on measurement on this blog, and we use analytics to identify key topics, improve our content, and prove our effectiveness. To this end, we’re big users of Google Analytics, supplemented by paid tools from Moz and others. We use a bunch of custom reports, segments and dashboards for measurement but I’ve only recently come ...

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9 Pillars for a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

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By Nelson Dias Image source Would you like to generate more leads, sales, and business? Want to improve conversions and effectively establish your brand? Two words: content marketing. Maybe these stats will help convince you… 80% of American Internet users interact with blogs and social media. 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles than through ads. ...

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Zurich and Allianz: online form showdown

By Christopher Ratcliff It’s a case of form and function. Just as a little road-test, I’m going to check out the functionality of two UK based insurance providers in terms of online user experience. When getting a quote for car insurance, web forms are very time consuming and require a lot of detail. It is therefore incredibly tempting to go ...

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Avoiding the Boring: Naming Your B2B Brand

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By Danielle Hill Starting a new business is an exciting time. Yet too often when we’re approached with a startup B2B brand, the name of the company comes as an afterthought. It’s understandable that service delivery and sales is what keeps a business going—but taking the time to establish the foundation of your brand helps out in the long run. ...

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Enhanced Campaigns a year on: how have marketers adapted?

By David Moth In early 2013 Google overhauled the way PPC worked with the announcement of Enhanced Campaigns. The new system enabled (or forced) marketers to manage their mobile and desktop PPC bids within the same campaign. While the stated aim was to simplify how PPC campaigns were run and reflect the way consumers shift between devices, some marketers felt ...

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