Is Your Customer Service Strategy Hurting Your Brand?

By Nick Toman The world of customer service has experienced drastic change over the past decade. While your employees on the frontline – your customer service representatives – continue to handle hundreds of customer calls a day, they’re dealing with an array of increasingly complex issues. This is because when given the option, customers would rather handle the easy stuff ...

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Make the Most of Your Website with Google Analytics

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By Mark Hansen Whether you’re an agency or a small- or medium-sized business, many of your leads may come directly from your website. Whether it’s someone making their very first contact with you via your site, or heading to your site for more information after a phone call, your website can make an important impression. It can also help you ...

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My 6 Most Effective Strategies for Marketing on Twitter

By The Wishpond Blog Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight years, you’ll know that Twitter is a major player in lead generation. In this article i’m going to share with you the top 6 ways I’ve found to generate leads using Twitter. To see how powerful Twitter is at generating leads lets look at a ...

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What’s the Deal? Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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By Amanda Clark Any small business entrepreneur is at least subtly aware of content marketing, or when a company uses a combination of social media, websites, blogs, and other online assets to… Convert online visitors into customers. Take control of online brand building. Share news with followers and fans. But how important is content marketing for small businesses, really? To ...

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It’s SEO Jim, But Not as We Know It

By Toby Rosenbloom If quality content is now the best route to the top of a Google search, has the dark art of SEO been relegated to the footnotes of digital marketing history? Yes and, er, no. While black hat SEO, such as stuffing your webpages full of keywords, may be as old hat as a Frank Spencer beret, the ...

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Copyright Infringement: Hey, That’s My Post

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By Susan Poirier What does a Senior Director of a Jacksonville Florida real estate agency have in common with Ace Concierge? Not a hell of a lot except copyright infringement of an old blog post of mine. I was doing some research to repurpose a post and there it was; with the exact same title and contents. While I have ...

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The Right Way To Do Content Marketing

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By Renee Shupe When you practice content marketing, done right, your readers won’t even realize they are receiving a marketing message. By creating content that is unique, has a specific voice or style, and that imparts new ideas without forgetting the reason why the content exists, you will always be super successful. Components of content done right: Unique – When ...

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Q&A: Alex Econs on ICON Printing’s site redesign

By Amy Rodgers Back in April I was kindly invited by the team at 4Ps Marketing to attend its Ski Summit in Tignes, France. Aside from the skiing (and inevitable après-ski), I got chatting to some of its clients about their digital marketing and ecommerce efforts. One of these clients was Alex Econs, founder and director of ICON Printing; an ...

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