What Fundraisers Need To Know About Donor Communications

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By Tom Ahern Want to make more money, thanks to your insanely great donor communications? Here is my short list of surefire “secrets for success:” Donor-centricity You have just one thing to give your donors in exchange for their hard-earned cash: your organization’s blazing love. “Donor-centric” comms are different. They loudly trumpet how wonderful donors are … how important donors ...

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Social Media – Making Us All More Honest, Better People

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By John W Hayes As any half-decent PR professional will tell you, great public relations is often more about keeping certain items out of the news than winning new column inches or page views. Back in the days when journalists where the only gatekeepers to the world’s media, burying bad news was a lot simpler. If your PR agency had ...

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Content Strategy Simplified: The G.O.S.T. Model

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By Danielle Look A few weeks ago, I likened the process of creating a content strategy to planning for a rim-to-rim rafting expedition at The Grand Canyon. A solid analogy, to be sure, but deeper reflection led to the realization that it’s actually more like climbing to a specific peak on a mountain: one ambitious, overarching goal sitting atop a ...

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You Can’t Not Click: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Clickbait

By Dan Shewan Hard-hitting British journalism at its finest. As the rules of ethical SEO have developed and evolved, linkbaiting has become less common (though great content will always attract a healthy amount of external links). For now, though, clickbait is still very much in vogue. Love it or hate it, clickbait has become yet another weapon in the content ...

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A Guide to Nonprofit Blogging [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Steven Shattuck Let’s cut to the chase; you need to start blogging. Without fresh content, your nonprofit’s website is nothing more than an online billboard with a tip jar. Blogging is a great way to give people who already know about you a reason to come back to your website again and again. Blog posts also drive new traffic ...

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14 more examples of beautifully persuasive ecommerce design

By Christopher Ratcliff Sometimes you don’t even need an excuse to spend an entire afternoon losing yourself while looking through hundreds of beautiful looking websites and admiring their handiwork. Luckily we do have a reason… research! That old ‘get out of jail free card’. Last year I took a look at some excellent examples of persuasive ecommerce design and I ...

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