Software Leads from Modern Legends

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By Lawrence Anderson Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules may not have been the best film out there but watching it really hit a lot of nails when it comes to the power of marketing. That’s right. At the risk of spoilers, one integral part of the film’s whole plot was the marketing capacity of Hercules’ entire group. You can use the most ...

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11 Hilarious Memes To Prepare for ‘Sharknado 2′

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By Erica Abbott Tonight, the eye of the shark…I mean, storm returns to TV. “Sharknado 2″ will be premiering tonight on the Syfy channel at 9 p.m. Now, for those who haven’t seen the first movie (like me) it’s pretty hilariously horrible, or so I’ve heard. As the first movie was set in Los Angeles, the sharknado now shifts to ...

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Document Management Apps to Go – Why Mobile is the new Mantra

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By GetApp Mobile working now makes so much of an enterprise available to employees on the go. Document management is no exception. The days of paper-based workflows are fading away, as even legacy document bases are scanned into document management apps and converted into fully editable, searchable versions. As soon as documents are available in electronic form, mobile workers using ...

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How to Revitalize and Improve Your SEO Content

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By Dave Wheeler It’s common sense that you need quality content in order to attract organic online traffic. While this statement is true, many businesses think this means having to constantly create new material. However, there are easier, faster ways to improve your existing SEO content: 1. Observe the Competition It never hurts to research the methods of your competitors. ...

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How You Can Tap Into The Power Of Twitter

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By Heidi Cohen 6 Twitter Community Structures Simplify Your Work Do you want to tap into the power of Twitter to improve your social media reach and results? Of course you do! (Who doesn’t???) In plain English the secret is: Understand how participants form communities and communicate on Twitter to improve your results! This is known as Twitter Community Structures. ...

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How To Leverage “All Things Crowd”

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By Viroopax Mirji The legendary American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. In the spirit of Mrs. Roosevelt and her penchant for lofty ideas, I’m here to talk about crowd-sourcing, an effective tool that corporations are learning to harness in order to elevate the customer experience. ...

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7 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Content Marketing Strategist

By Michael Brenner Content marketing is hot! And so content marketers and content strategists are one of the hottest job titles in marketing. And with the shift away from paid promotion, through attempts at earned social media and into “owned” media approaches that require content marketing strategists, the demand for content marketing skills is far exceeding the supply. Once people ...

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How Google Crawls The Web [VIDEO]

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By Daniel Dannenberg How Google works is a very strange thing indeed. No one quite knows the detailed inner workings of the ever mysterious algorithms, servers, data, and queries that flow through Google every day. But we do know the basics. With words like ‘Googlebots,’ ‘crawling,’ and ‘index’ – it can seem like a world out of a science fiction ...

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