Why Your Website Needs A Facelift

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By Scott Siders The look and feel of their website is a touchy subject for some businesses. They built a shiny new site a few years ago—at a pretty penny. They spent countless hours going back and forth with the designer and writer, and were more relieved than anything when the site finally went live. Sound familiar? If you haven’t ...

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Is Pinterest The Right Platform For My Business?

By Kathie Papera If you decide it is, follow these helpful tips to make the best use of Pinterest. Pinterest is quickly becoming the new “google” for anyone looking for anything the internet has to offer. This popular social media site has evolved far beyond the craft-enthusiast and home-cooking bulletin boards that dominated the early versions. Pinterest is a content ...

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20 Ways To Craft Amazing Blog Posts Your Readers Love

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By Heidi Cohen Up-cycled Blog Post Content Unlike recycling that converts waste into new ingredients to avoid squandering potentially useful resources, up-cycling converts worthless materials into higher quality products. Similarly, upcycled content instills existing communications (often that are no longer of value) into fresh high quality information your target audience actively seeks to fulfill their needs and desires. When applied ...

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7 Tips to Grow Your Reputation Using Linkedin

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By Jacky Tan Building reputation is important to any business or individual. For the business, it makes the brand becoming more well-liked and demanded by the consumers. For the individual, reputation increases one’s portfolio value which leads to more opportunities to grow. Linkedin is a powerful reputation building tool for the business and the individual. Here are the 7 tips ...

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Print Still Wins in These Days of Digital

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By Graham Jones Make information print or digital depending on its purpose If you use the Internet every day, as many millions of people do, you are living in something of a bubble. For instance, when you spend your life online it is all too easy to think “everyone” does their shopping online. Yet, in fact, over 95% of all ...

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7 Ways PR Pros in Their 20s Can Ensure They Retire by Age 55

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By Arik Hanson OK, I know the title is a bit extreme, but I had to get your attention given this is a PR/marketing blogger talking about finances First, I want to start this post with two quick disclaimers: 1–This is not your average Communications Conversations post. I am NOT going to talk about PR, social media or corporate communications ...

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What Role Do Videos Play in Your Content Portfolio?

By Michelle Hill With YouTube often referred to as ‘the number two search engine in the world’ and a third of all online activity apparently being spent watching video (via Digital Sherpa), you’d be crazy not to include video in your content portfolio. Video brings a whole new dimension to your content, allowing you to connect with time-pressed prospects and, ...

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9 Free Tools & Software to Streamline Your Business

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By Renee Shupe People love quoting that nothing in life is free, but when it comes to awesome software and tools that you can put into use for your business right now, nothing could be further from the truth. There is great free software and tools available that can help you run your entire business. Open Office This is a ...

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4 Tips to Create a Solid Lead Generation Strategy

By Comm100 The landscape of lead generation is in a constant state of evolution, and the speed in which it changes continues to pick up the pace. Several ‘new and popular’ strategies that were once believed to be the most effective are getting pushed to the backburner: many of them having come about within the last five years. For instance, ...

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