7 Lies About SEO You Probably Believe

By Neil Patel SEO has been around for so many years that it should be easy to figure out what you should and shouldn’t do, right? I wish that were the case! The thing about SEO is that it’s constantly evolving. Not only does that mean a lot of the old information is inaccurate, but it also means there are ...

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State of Social 2Q14: Twitter Flies Higher

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By Christopher Penn Twitter released its second quarter 2014 results recently, and it looks as though Twitter has found the wind beneath its wings. Note that in the graph above, we’ve superimposed a 4-period moving average, meaning the moving average across four quarters, or the year. Twitter is consistently and strongly beating its 4-period moving average, and that’s a good ...

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3D printing – check me out!

By Ashley Friedlein I’m intrigued by 3D printing. It feels like there might be something in it. It could revolutionise business models and customer experiences in a way that is almost as disruptive as ecommerce and digital have been. You used to go to a shop to buy something; then you could phone to order it; then you could go ...

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Are explainer videos still effective in 2014?

By Eric Doucet Recently I came across a Quora question that asked if explainer videos are still effective in 2014. I posted a response on Quora, but I think the question is worthwhile enough to have its very own blog post. Now, I must disclose an obvious bias towards explainer videos and video marketing in general. After all, it’s our ...

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Uninstall SafeFinder Search Bar

Linkury SafeFinder Removal

Here’s how to uninstall SafeFinder Search Bar using two free software tools. To remove SafeFinder, I tried a number of malware removal tools, and I found this combination to be the best option for me. I hope this works for you, too. The two software tools I used to remove SafeFinder are CCleaner (version 4.06.4324) and SpyBot Search and Destroy ...

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Audience Wars: TV and Online Advertisers Want Your Attention—And They’re Using Each Other to Get It

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By Hannah Brenzel One of the most talked-about issues in the marketing space is advertiser budgets—and where they’re going. Online video? Traditional television? Most of the reports are all over the board. However, when it comes to promoting television shows or online programs, advertisers are actually fighting for one another’s audience. This tug-of-war is entertaining, to say the least. Television ...

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Native advertising: the Guardian Labs way

By Ben Davis Guardian Labs began in early 2014 with its aim to work with clients to create sponsored content opportunities. This is a trend in publishing with BuzzFeed and The Telegraph (and more besides) experimenting with in-house content creation tailored for brands. The Guardian is seeking to rise above some of the disquiet around native advertising (is it a ...

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How to help your digital marketing strategy to succeed

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By Jo Hill Earlier this year I wrote about how to start formulating a digital marketing strategy. Getting the strategy right is of course paramount. But even when the strategy is right, if it’s not understood, supported, and turned into action then it’s barely more than an academic exercise. Ella Fitzgerald was on the money when she sang “tain’t what ...

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