Changing Demographics are Prompting Retail Shifts in Marketing

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By Dario Zadro Copyright: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo Retailers continually strive to connect with their target markets, using merchandising, marketing and packaging to make lasting impressions with consumers. And while there are a few consistent, timeless elements to doing good business, the landscape changes frequently for sellers. As a result, retailers consistently fine-tune their marketing approaches by understanding demographics ...

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Can Video Help Learning And Development?

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By Thomas Stocks Learning through visuals instead of getting your head stuck into a textbook is not something new, but it is something that continues to make its stamp on the education world. Video is growing in popularity and the way it is used is being continually broadened. In fact, according to Bombora, a webinar and live streaming specialist, since ...

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Personalizing Customer Interactions Secures Customer Loyalty

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By Oliver Jaeger Back in June I wrote about the importance of creating a great user experience for content creators. One of the areas I touched on was personalization and how that can help separate your website from your competitors. How important is personalization? According to Gartner analyst Gene Alvarez, “By 2018, Gartner predicts, B2B companies with effective personalization on ...

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When the CEO IS the Brand

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By Andrea Obston What do Paula Deen, George Zimmer, Richard Branson, Walt Disney and JK Rowling have in common? All of them are living icons of the brands they created. Through good times and bad (and whether they like it or not) these individuals ARE their companies in the minds of the public. Over the last few years we’ve seen ...

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Mobile loyalty apps: which Australian brands are getting it right?

By David Moth While the alerts are my favourite feature, Qantas hasn’t ignored its frequent flyers. The app allows passengers to manage their bookings, check-in for domestic journeys, and check their flight status. And if you’re worried about checking your emails at the airport, the app also lists the amenities on offer in all of Qantas’ business lounges. Overall I’m ...

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Customer Feedback Fatigue

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By Terry Green Has anyone else fallen for those sweet, seductive words, “Would you like to participate in a short survey at the end of your call today, to help us improve our service?” Or have you by any chance answered a text message enquiring about the service you have received only to be hit by another and another? I ...

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What is Ghostwriting?

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By Inklyo Have you ever wondered how celebrities—surrounded by paparazzi, traveling around the world on tours, and balancing family and relationships—can possibly send out hilarious tweets every five minutes? In most cases, these celebrities can barely spare a minute for social media or website content. Instead, they hire “ghostwriters” — people who produce content under the celebrity’s name. Many celebrities, ...

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