The Hubcast: Finally, a Podcast Just for HubSpotters!

By George Thomas The Hubcast Podcast Episode 001 Note from Marcus*** As I’ve discussed recently here on TSL, podcasting (audio communication) is exploding. And as I’ve been regularly podcasting every two weeks this year, my love for this medium has only continued to grow. It is for this reason that I’ve (along w/ my weekly co-host George Thomas) started a ...

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Product Hunt, PR tools and my advice for startups

By Maximilian Tatton-Brown ProductHunt is brilliant. People share new products they’ve found and, in the manner of Reddit and HackerNews, the crowd of readers vote the best to the top. You know that guy/gal you follow on Twitter who always seems to be a source of neat things? These are the secret places they spend their time. Because there are ...

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Start Me Up! Hubba: the free product information network

By Ben Davis Hubba is about keeping all that product information in one place, where everyone can access it and where the data is fit for use in marketing and commerce. I asked the team about their future. Here’s what they had to say… In one sentence, what is your product/service? Hubba is a B2B product information network that help ...

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The WRIKE Way to Share the Right Info with the Right People

By GetApp What, share it? That’s right. For information to be of real value, it must be made available to people when they need it. Silo mentality is a recipe for extinction in today’s fast-moving business world. But even if information is power, that power has to be used correctly. Think ‘bionic’ or ‘laser-focused’, but think also about a system ...

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How to breathe new life into old content

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By Danny Chadburn In early 2011 I put together a simple video for a friend’s band for a song they made referencing a certain (lonely) dictator. It was uploaded to YouTube and had been seen by a handful of people; however on December 17 that year the viewing figures suddenly skyrocketed. The despot in question had died, and I was ...

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5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors With Killer PPC Ad Copy

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By James Scaggs Are your PPC conversions making you feel small? Take a closer look at your ad copy. Image source. Have you ever wondered how some PPC marketers write ad copy that consistently performs better than yours? For a long time, I did ­– until I decided to learn how to beat my competitors. After reading countless blog posts ...

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