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WP Social SEO Pro – Best WordPress Social Media Plugin (Really)

I really like this plugin and you will too! It should come as no surprise to those who know Mike Johnson that his latest Wordpress social media plugin WP Social Pro (Version 3.0) is being called, "The most important Wordpress plugin of 2014". It's not another goofy plugin that just adds floating social share buttons that chase you down the page (I hate those things). WP Social SEO Pro is a comprehensive social media connection utility. This … [Continue Reading...]

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5 Types of Businesses That Will Cease to Exist in 2014

By BusinessVibes You're a wretch and completely addicted to the dismally dismal economic woes of our time. Love it! You choose to bask in it, soak it in. All … [Continue Reading...]

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Social Media Sensation by Les Bush

phrase it as one might. Money rules, as day falls to night, going to happen. Doesn't matter to me, I'm a social media sensation. Drown in knowledge ... Source: <a … [Continue Reading...]

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