5 Reasons Businesses Should Invest in a Mobile App

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By BusinessVibes Despite the rise of mobile traffic, only 28 percent of businesses have a mobile app. Here are five big reasons why you need to buck the trend and create an app for your company. People Spend More Time on Mobile Apps You might be surprised to hear that mobile users spend 89 percent of the time that they’re ...

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Don’t Buy Hosting Before Debunking These 5 Hosting Myths

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By Jerry Low People shopping for their first web host are undoubtedly assaulted with flashy offers and inexplicable features from a barrage of providers – sorting through all of the options and terms can be overwhelming, nevermind frustrating. And while there are plenty of excellent providers out there, it’s all too easy for first-time shoppers especially to be tricked with ...

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The 4 Steps To Opening Your Agency’s Data

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By Josh Davis Open government is not about releasing every bit and byte you’ve ever collected to the world. Without context and structure, that data will not be applied in ways that will most benefit you and your constituents. We have identified four steps to help your agency move along the data flow process. But before taking a single step, ...

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5 Point Quality Assurance Checklist for Your Social Media Posts

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By Helen Nesterenko Your social media engagement traffic, engagement, and exposure are critical to your success. You need to score home runs with every piece of content. It is dishearteningly easy to for users to unsubscribe, un-like, or un-follow, your feed, especially given the perpetual email bombardment with endless streams of content. Users can thus be super selective regarding what ...

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How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business

By Neil Patel You have many options when it comes to marketing your business. Naturally, you might be wondering where you should start or what channels you should use to achieve the best results, right? Sadly, there is no one answer because it varies from business to business. To help you out, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the ...

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5 Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing

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By Amanda Clark Content marketing is a wide-reaching industry that can change your business for the better. How, you might ask? For one, online marketing is the best way to engage your customers and let new customers know who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best at it. To help, we compiled some of the top reasons ...

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