3 Tips to Support Relevance in Your Marketing Communications

By Marguerite McNeal by Marguerite McNeal | Tweet this Digital technology allows marketers to have a better, deeper understanding of their customers than ever before. With a wealth of data from purchase behavior to email subscriptions, marketers can translate their knowledge into rich, personal experiences for each and every one of their customers. At Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact 2014, speakers ...

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4 Apps That Could Change Your Life

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By Jen Cohen Crompton In Apple’s most recent campaign, they vowed to change lives. And honestly, when it comes to integrating into our everyday lives and giving us ways to improve our health, happiness, finances, and a slew of other aspects, Apple and its app store are winning. In March 2009 when Apple first launched their app store, there were ...

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7 Tips to Make Your Summer Sales Sizzle

By Susan Solovic We all love the summer, but it can be a rough time for business—they don’t call them the “dog days of summer” for nothing. With kids out of school and families going on vacation, the world of commerce becomes less predictable. To help you fight back, here are seven ideas to heat up your warm weather sales. ...

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The AA’s new responsive site leaves room for improvement

By David Moth The AA recently launched a shiny new responsive website, meaning the online experience is optimised for all screen sizes. Presumably the AA receives a high proportion of mobile traffic from motorists looking to request roadside assistance or check for traffic updates, so it’s about time that the company adopted responsive design. And in keeping with the latest ...

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How Picky Can you Be With Software Leads?

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By Lawrence Anderson Defining software leads has to be the most ancient struggle between sales and marketers inside the industry (and outside it for that matter). While marketers struggle to hit quotas, their lack of consideration for the sales perspective is a common complaint. Meanwhile, another common complaint is that salespeople are too picky and too dismissive of leads coming ...

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How London’s favourite restaurants are performing on mobile

By Christopher Ratcliff Last month I wrote a comparison of how the UK’s favourite restaurants are performing on mobile, this month I’m going to take the same test to the streets of London. Having a mobile optimised site is an absolute must for driving the peckish smartphone wielding pedestrian through your doors. Whether it’s a separate mobile-site, a responsively designed ...

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Building innovation into project management

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By Graham Oakes If your organisation is going to do any sort of substantive innovation, it needs to take on risk. That needs a different style of project management. Why do you do projects? For most organisations, the answer is usually something to do with change. “We need to add new features to our product. We need to improve the ...

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